Sustainable furniture: SITABIT stool

PLY&co. is a Portuguese brand of [ecological] furniture created by architect Paulo Costa. Established in Porto, Portugal, since 2011 this is a 100% national production and environmentally sustainable concept, displaying a collection that features an elegant image of organic minimalism… and a story to tell. PLY&co. only uses woods and derivatives from sustainably managed forests, […] Read more

Furniture: lightweight and eco-friendly Pipo stool

DAM is a Portuguese design studio that combines in its projects traditional materials and techniques with a creative and innovative design. The Portuguese culture and the daily ordinary things represent inspiration for DAM in order to make eco-friendly furniture that appeal to emotions and simplicity. Pipo refers to the traditional wood barrel used for the […] Read more

Sustainable furniture: “Campaign” launches line of cleverly built and packaged sustainable furniture

Former Apple engineers Brad Sewell and Raul Molina just launched Campaign – a brand-new green furniture line designed and manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area. With three sustainably-manufactured pieces available for presale – a loveseat, a chair, and a couch – Campaign aims to satisfy the needs of design-conscious, budget-friendly furniture buyers. Campaign’s vertically-integrated […] Read more

Furniture: Opendesk provides open-source furniture for Kano office

Open-source furniture company Opendesk has created customised workspace fittings for self-build computer brand Kano. Desks and storage units were manufactured using computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling, based on flat-pack designs from Opendesk’s online platform of downloadable products. The company worked closely with Kano to customise designs to meet the individual needs of the office, including a series of shelves […] Read more

Sustainable furniture: upcycling wood pallets into furniture

Studio Muda was challenged to create a set of outdoor furniture from recycled wood pallets. The design team conducted research on over 200 pieces of furniture made from upcycled pallets before settling on their final minimal design that minimized waste and evoked the appearance of pallets. Three furniture pieces—one table and two benches—were crafted from […] Read more

Sustainable products: 100% recyclable and biodegradable nanocellulose fiberboard

Nanocellulose fiberboard is a material developed by multi-disciplinary designer Yunting Lin that’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The sustainable product is designed to replace MDF and molded plastic objects. It’s non-toxicity is thanks to a composition of plant fibers (like flax), and naturally fermented nanocellulose. Both are already produced on an industrial scale in Europe and […] Read more

Sustainable furniture: 100% recyclable, biodegradable glacier table and stool

Within the depths of Alaska’s Mendenhall glacier, flowing water rolls gently over the barren ground. As temperature rises from the surface, it impacts the glacier roof, causing surreal, spontaneous cave structures. The interior is a microcosm, representing the infinitely turning water-cycle. Though beautiful, the phenomenon is a troubling reminder that day by day, the glacier […] Read more

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