Sustainable architecture: old pallets used to create an office in Tokyo

Over 100 wooden transport pallets were broken down to create floorboards, wall coverings and furniture for a temporary office space in Tokyo. Local design studio Hiroki Tominaga Atelier was asked to convert a 50-square-metre space on the ground floor of a three-storey building into a meeting room. As the building is rented by the client – a video production […] Read more

The Economical Chair: a chair designed to minimise waste

South Korean young design Seungji Mun created a simple shaped chair that is designed to minimise industrial waste: the Economical Chair.   The Economical Chair’s design is such that during production of four chairs per 4′ x 8′ international standard plywood sheet there is absolutely zero waste. Once the design is cut, the shapes are achieved through a […] Read more

Green office space progress is slowing

According to the authors of the 2015 State of Green Business Report, the total of green office space as in the number of global LEED-certified commercial projects dropped 2% from 2013 to 2014. Though registrations and certifications for new construction and commercial spaces declined, LEED retrofits of existing buildings increased. The outlook isn’t entirely bleak, however. […] Read more

Sustainable offices: zero-carbon office by Gensler in Shanghai

International architecture firm Gensler recently completed a new net-positive office in the heart of Shanghai that boasts a stunning array of energy-saving, low-carbon features. Designed as the flagship Asia HQ for the sustainable consulting engineering company Glumac, the nearly 6,000-square-foot office space features some incredible eco-friendly technologies—including air quality-improving printer exhaust vents—that help showcase the […] Read more

Cool and sustainable offices: Google’s super-headquarters in London, UK

Google has gone to great lengths to make their offices fun for employees, but those working at the new super-headquarters in London have the best deal of them all. Not only are the enormous 160,000 square foot facilities decked out in re-purposed furnishings designed to recreate the comfort of a London townhouse, but the 9th […] Read more

Cool offices: Rabobank Dommelstreek office in Geldrop, The Netherlands

Rabobank Dommelstreek in Geldrop, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands completely re-designed the excisting office. One office was developed with all the facilities under one roof. A renewed environment connects the bank office with constumers in the new way of banking and working. The original office was build in the sixties, but did not meet requirments for modern […] Read more

Cool and sustainable offices of Cuningham Group

The new Cuningham Group office was designed to reinforce the firm’s emphasis on sustainability, collaboration, and creativity. The new office, which is targeted for LEED Gold certification, features a host of sustainable elements. The office building itself was converted from an existing warehouse, and is located near a bike path and an Expo Light Rail stop. […] Read more

Cool and sustainable offices: Grupo CP corporate interior in Mexico City

KMD Architects‘ ‘Terret Polanco’ in Mexico City, Mexico, is in the process of LEED certification for its sustainable qualities. Amongst other prominent developments such as ‘Plaza Carso‘ and Fernando Romero’s ‘Museo Soumaya‘, the skyscraper hopes to become a new environmentally-friendly business hub for the country. Within this structure, Space Arquitectura has constructed the corporate offices […] Read more

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