Conversions: old school into apartments in Amsterdam, NL

A 100-year-old school-building in the center of Amsterdam is transformed into 10 spacious and sustainable apartments directly for the group Ons Dorp Amsterdam (Our Village Amsterdam) of 10 young families. Each apartment has a different floor plan and different materials based on the individual wishes of the participants. Sustainable technologies like solar technology, ground source […] Read more

Sustainability: USGBC releases international rankings of Top 10 countries for LEED Green Building

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has released its international rankings of the Top 10 Countries for LEED. The list highlights countries outside of the U.S. that are making significant strides in sustainable building design, construction and transformation. “International demand has grown steadily for tools supporting sustainable economic growth, and it has become increasingly clear […] Read more

Sustainable architecture: office space made from 7 shipping containers

Tel Aviv studio Potash Architects repurposed seven shipping containers and transformed them into a modern office located near Israel’s capital. The stacked red boxes accommodate office spaces, event areas and tech rooms, with one of the containers positioned at a 30-degree angle, housing a scissor stair. The building is located at the Port of Ashdod […] Read more

Sustainable architecture: Portable, low-energy shipping container office

Architecture firm Arcgency transformed used shipping containers into Unionkul, an energy-efficient office “made to be moved.” Located in the Nordhavnen area in Copenhagen, the contemporary cargotecture project minimizes energy usage and is built to withstand the Scandinavian climate’s harsh extremes. The architects describe the cost-effective project as “an experiment in prefab architecture that challenges universal […] Read more

Conversions: car park transformed into Make Architects’s subterranean studio

May 2015 saw Make Architects open the doors to its new, London studio, a 1,300sqm renovated NCP car park located on the basement floor of Middlesex House, Cleveland Street in Fitzrovia. Pre-let by Derwent London Plc under a 15 year lease, the subterranean space showcases an innovative, bespoke, and sustainable design, reflective of Make’s ambition […] Read more

Sustainable architecture: old pallets used to create an office in Tokyo

Over 100 wooden transport pallets were broken down to create floorboards, wall coverings and furniture for a temporary office space in Tokyo. Local design studio Hiroki Tominaga Atelier was asked to convert a 50-square-metre space on the ground floor of a three-storey building into a meeting room. As the building is rented by the client – a video production […] Read more

Cool and sustainable offices: STGM Architect’s head office in Quebec, Canada

This minimalist office building in Quebec, Canada, integrates innovative sustainable technologies into its large wood- and concrete-clad volume. STGM Architects designed the building as their own headquarters and made sure to create spacious and comfortable work spaces without compromising on their green features. With a low ecological impact, reclaimed furniture and wide spans, the building […] Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: pros and cons of re-using shipping container in architecture

Inside Portable Accommodation, a company that specializes in portable buildings, has caught on to the booming shipping container revolution in architecture. In celebration of cargotecture, the Gloucestershire company put together an infographic comprising facts about shipping container architecture, great cargotecture examples from around the world, as well as tips from experts on building with shipping […] Read more

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