US workplace trends 2012 by Sodexo

Facility services provider Sodexo published its US workplace trends report 2012. Many of the trends that emerged were not a surprise, but rather demonstrate a topic that has reached critical mass. The top 10 workplace trends according to Sodexo are: Integration of Workplace Solutions: Creating Higher Value Workplaces That Promote Sustainability Inclusive Workplaces It’s All […] Read more

New ISO standard for indoor visual environments

ISO 16817:2012, Building environment design – Indoor environment – Design process for visual environment, will help design team members by giving them a process to ensure the required visual comfort, physiological effect of light and energy performance and sustainability of buildings and ensure the state of the art for the health, safety, well being and […] Read more

Martela extends service portfolio

Martela Corporation, Finland’s largest office furniture manufacturer, has acquired Muuttopalvelu Grundell Oy and Grundell Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy on 31 December 2011. The acquisition of Grundell, a provider of removal and space modification services, is intended to augment Martela’s service provision and giving customers access to a wider selection of services and products associated with space modification […] Read more

The million dollar question about sustainability

An American survey among architects & designers shows why it is important to have an independent, third party check claims by suppliers. Only then can a customer be sure that he gets what he pays for, which is more sustainable by definition: Facilities managers may often question whether the materials they buy are truly as […] Read more

ISO introduces new standards on environment and ergonomics

ISO 14006:2011, Environmental management systems – Guidelines for incorporating ecodesign ISO has published a new standard in the ISO 14000 family designed to help organizations reduce the adverse environmental impacts of their products and services. Every product or service has an impact on the environment during all stages of its lifecycle, from extraction of resources […] Read more

Green building by green cooperation

The first Green Office of The Netherlands has been officially opened and is housing TNT. In the design of the building, sustainability has been the leitmotiv, with a GreenCalc of over 1,000 as a result. GreenCalc is an instrument for the assessment and comparison of the sustainability of buildings, co-developed by the Dutch government. Here are […] Read more

eBay's energy and space-saving offices

After checking in with 5,000 employees to find out what they felt was missing from their work environment, eBay gave their San Jose, CA and Austin, TX campuses a super sustainable upgrade. Valerio Dewalt Train Associates worked with eBay’s internal Workplace Resources Team to reorganize the internal office space and create more collaborative areas, while […] Read more

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