Sodexo: 2013 workplace trends

Global provider of quality-of-life services in the areas of food and facilities management, Sodexo, has released its 2013 Workplace Trends Report. This annual report offers fresh insight into the pressing issues that leaders of top organizations face on a daily basis. According to the report, conversations in the C-Suite and in corporate board rooms continue […] Read more

Five things your office should have (but probably hasn't)

We have been posting some articles about wonderful offices of companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Adobe, which probably all don’t have this issue. If you read the Leesman review you have come across the section that shows how well employees believe certain workspace functions are supported within their workplace. Here are 5 that […] Read more

EFG shows intelligent desk technology and new products

Swedish professional furniture maker European Furniture Group – EFG (owned by Norwegian investment fund Herkules Capital) will introduce new products and ‘Intelligent Desk Technology’ at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. “The desk was designed in cooperation with ROL Ergo, which developed iDrive and what is known as Intelligent Desk technology based on intuitive functions – a […] Read more

#SMAf | And the winner of the Social Media Award Facilitair 2013 is…

The clear winner of the Social Media Award Facilitair 2013 #SMAf competition is Watercompany. Watercompany is a Dutch company specialising in mains fed water dispensers. Watercompany is part of the Waterlogic Division of the British PHS Group. Here’s the winning picture and tagline: Runners up in the #SMAf competition were Markant together with Intenz, Receptel, […] Read more

The end of the designer and the facility manager?

At SourceYour | so you know better we like a bit of forward thinking. We are following the developments in 3D-printed furniture but what if this furniture could move, self-assemble, self-reconfigure and self-repair? Would we still need furniture designers or facility managers? The project Roombots at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland intends […] Read more

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