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With DuoTrainin you will learn faster, forget slower, manage better, provide lifelong learning and easy access to training for everyone. DuoTrainin allows you to manage Learning & Development as a profit centre.

DuoTrainin is an intelligent micro-learning system to manage all your training, testing, workshop support, feedback and corporate compliance, using the unique DuoTesting adaptive learning methodology.

We believe that learning should not go at the cost of anything. Learning should blend with your work, your friends, your life. It should be so much fun that it even could become an addiction. Learning is a journey that never ends.

We believe that learning is not about face-to-face or digital learning, about internal or external courses. It should all blend in one intelligent learning system in which all formats and providers strengthen each other and are tailored to your needs.

We believe that facilitating education in support of your talent development initiatives should be easy and intuitive. Learning & Development should create value and should be a profit centre.

All for the pay-for-use price of a good cup of coffee per person per month.

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