Does casual dress harm productivity at work?

According to fashion psychologist Dr. Karen Pine, a professor of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, dressing casually can make a person feel less focused and alert. A study of work attire by Hajo Adam and Adam Galinksky found that subjects wearing physician’s lab coats were better at tasks that required attention. Interestingly, when the subjects […] Read more

WORKTECH13: ‘Work is a theatre for cohesion’

SourceYour, publisher of this blog and operator of, teamed up with WORKTECH13 Netherlands some time ago. Yesterday, the inspiring event was held at ABN AMRO Bank’s corporate headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Here is a summary of the conference, in soundbites, hopefully capturing the main themes, ideas and things said about the future of […] Read more

Conversions: warehouse into creative office

Branded content company New Content has a great bi-level warehouse office located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, designed by Francesco Rivetti. As home to the company’s 250+ employees, the office provides enough room for a variety of projects from video production to digital magazine work. Because of the space’s nature as a warehouse, cement, metal, and glass […] Read more

Offices around the world: BASF in Santiago, Chile

Chemical company BASF has an open and flexible corporate office in Santiago, Chile. Designed by Contract Workplaces, the office uses a number of elements to create an office that is useful for many different objectives. The architects commented: “BASF’s corporate headquarters in Santiago de Chile city, occupies two open floors of 1400 m2 each. The […] Read more

Sodexo: 2013 workplace trends

Global provider of quality-of-life services in the areas of food and facilities management, Sodexo, has released its 2013 Workplace Trends Report. This annual report offers fresh insight into the pressing issues that leaders of top organizations face on a daily basis. According to the report, conversations in the C-Suite and in corporate board rooms continue […] Read more

Conversions: Warehouse into stunning offices

The new Cuningham Group architect’s office is being designed to reinforce the firm’s emphasis on sustainability, collaboration, and creativity. The new office, which is targeted for LEED Gold certification, features a host of sustainable elements. The office building itself is being converted from an existing warehouse, and is located near a bike path and an […] Read more

Office with room for a live band

The new offices for Synthetic – home of Incredibooth, Swankolab, and Apple’s 2011 iPhone App of the Year Hipstamatic – required a smart re-imagining of productivity. envelope A+D’s design facilitates the high-low processes of a contemporary tech company: room for a live band, a full-scale dinner party, an overnight guest, private meetings, open meetings, secluded […] Read more

Furniture is an app

Agile working, smart working, flexible working, New Ways of Working, mobile working, distributed working: a lot has been written about… Yes, about what actually? Thinking about work, about how we work where and when is what it is all about. Under the influence of labour market trends, demographic developments, technology and costly real estate, we […] Read more

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