Learning from and in a building: the knitknot solution

In April 2016, knitknot — an international collective of architects, urban planners, artists, and thinkers — unveiled plans for a low-cost school. The design team were crowdfunding the project, and were seeking $24,000 to complete the scheme. More than two years later, having secured the required funds, the architects behind the ambitious project have shared […] Read more

The end of compartmentalisation in school environments

According to architects BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), the design for WeGrow — the first school of office-sharing brand WeWork — seeks to ‘undo the compartmentalisation often found in traditional school environments and reinforces the significance of engaging kids in an interactive environment.’ Modular classrooms, tree houses, and a vertical farm have been designed by BIG […] Read more

Creative learning space with colourful façade

Masahiko Fujimori Architects have designed a creative learning space with colourful façade for the Morinoie Nursery School in Sendai, Japan. ‘We designed an “urban-style” nursery school building that can efficiently accommodate increased numbers of children, while also encouraging their curiosity, creativity, and connection with the local community,‘ the architects describe. Source   

Six tips for successful personalised learning

We regularly see online discussions about personalised learning, and what it exactly means. At DuoTrainin, we do not see much added value in discussing its meaning, because the nature of ‘personalised’ is that it means something else to each person. However, via one of these discussions we came across an interesting research study by international […] Read more

You spend much more on training than you think

Any idea what the average training spend per co-worker per year is? It will be different per country, per sector, per organisation and per department, surely. Recent figures of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show that the average training spend in The Netherlands is 1,000 euro per co-worker per year. In the sector mineral extraction, the training spend […] Read more

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