Education, like work, is becoming agile

Creativity, play, collaboration and the desire for more holistic environments are not only being embraced in our workplaces, but also in our schools. Contemporary pedagogy has seen a shift from teacher-focused learning to team teaching, project-based learning and collaborative teaching. In addition, a greater reliance on technology means students and teachers have more flexibility – […] Read more

Playful educational centre in Beijing, China

Designed to enrich the imaginations of Beijing’s children, SAKO Architects has created a playful educational environment entitled ‘Family Box’. The scheme’s interiors feature bold splashes of color alongside sinuous forms that represent an abstract interpretation of arboreal vegetation. The public program of the center is spread across three storeys, with the main entrance and three […] Read more

Swedish Future Learning Environments

Stockholm County Council and Karolinska Institutet (KI) have since 2009 been running a project called Future Learning Environments. The project is grounded on research on learning and higher education. The question raised was how does space impact on learning? Our Interior Design studio was given the opportunity to further develop its proposal ‘Home away from […] Read more

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