Furniture: Clément Brazille revamps Bertoia’s side chair

The ‘Bertoia loom chair’ is a reinterpretation of creations by Italian-born American designer Harry Bertoia. Created by Clément Brazille, the seats are dressed in soft, woven corduroy fabric  — enabling each to be unique and customizable. The plush textile, accompanied by the chairs simple forms are both inviting and comfortable. ‘Bertoia loom chair’ is an […] Read more

Transformation of prison cells into comfortable living spaces through design

Brooklyn industrial design student Kai Lin has created a contemporary furniture set for jail cells in juvenile detention centres in the US. The desk, chair, and bed are intended to transform “a cold, confined space” into a more comfortable living area, said Lin, who has just graduated from New York’s Pratt Institute. Through his work, Lin aims […] Read more

Furniture: Zero Energy Furniture stores heat to regulate temperature

This table by designers Raphaël Ménard and Jean-Sébastien Lagrange absorbs and releases thermal energy depending on the temperature of the room. The first design in Ménard and Lagrange’s Zero Energy Furniture range is a table with a solid-oak top, a corrugated anodised aluminium underside and oak trellis-style legs. It is designed to absorb excess heat […] Read more

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