What office would you travel to?

From cell offices to open plan via New Ways of Working (NWoW) and Activity Based Working (ABW) to co-creation: offices have gone through radical changes in the last decades. Some of today’s offices look truly spectacular, as you can witness in our category ‘Learning Environments’.

Since people can work anywhere on one or more of their (mobile) devices these days, the current vibe in the office interior design industry is that ‘your office should be worth traveling to’.

What makes an office ‘worth travelling to’?

The key focus tends to be on the interior design that should facilitate, support and stimulate face-to-face interaction between people. So people can share experience, ideas, knowledge and learn. The assumption is that there is always something to learn when people talk to each other.
This also implies that at least one person should know something, or have experienced something that is new to all the others. It would be great if this new knowledge would enable these others to perform better in their job and strengthen the organisation’s development.

The office worth travelling to, is the office that enables you to learn and perform better.

So here is the true challenge of any office: How do you facilitate learning, how do you make sure there is always something to learn?
Creating, implementing, managing and supporting company training programmes is cumbersome and requires a lot of time and effort. Keeping track of your training (online, face-to-face, internal, external), tests, feedback forms, including corporate compliance (think Health & Safety for example) is a hard task, which not many organisations have mastered.

Peak office performance

Until now there was no Learning Management System (LMS) in the market that would provide training and, at the same time, manage all other trainings as well, be it online or face-to-face trainings, be it your own trainings, or supplied by external providers. DuoTrainin blends online and face-to-face training in such a way that people learn faster and retain their knowledge much better without sending them away from work for days. And it is easy to set up and manage too, via one intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.

So do add the price of a good cup of coffee per employee per month to your interior design budget and make your office truly work.

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