If you can answer one of these learning questions with yes, this is for you

We would like to ask you some learning questions. If you can answer one of these questions with yes, this is for you:

Learning questions
  1. Would you like (your co-workers) to learn faster?
  2. Do you want (them) to forget slower?
  3. Do you want (them) to continue to learn?
  4. Would you like to manage training better?
  5. Do you want all your co-workers to have easy access to training?
  6. Would you like to manage Learning & Development as a profit centre?

You could answer these questions as an individual. Or, if you are responsible for, or involved in, Learning & Development at your organisation, you can answer from the organisation’s perspective.

1. Learn faster

DuoTTrainin - learn faster

In most trainings, you find yourself getting confirmation of what you already know. This might boost your self-confidence, but do you really need it?
DuoTrainin’s training methodology, DuoTesting, is question-based. In addition, the unique adaptive algorithms of DuoTrainin make sure you will start learning new things very quickly. The same course is different for everyone since DuoTrainin delivers personalised content after each question answered.

2. Forget slower

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve has taught us that we forget 30% of what we’ve learned in the first 10 minutes. This increases to 90% after 1 week! Frequent repetition for small amounts of time reduces this effect significantly.
DuoTrainin’s methodology is based on micro-learning to blend with your daily routine so learning is not a burden and you use your time wisely. Actually, we managed to make it slightly addictive.

3. Continue to learn: lifelong learning

DuoTrainin - forget slower

Imagine you could use the same tools supporting your learning throughout your learning and working life. Meaning, you start in primary school, throughout secondary school, during higher education, when you start to work and throughout your career, even after the age of 50 and beyond. This would reduce a key friction in the way life and learning tend to be organised today.
DuoTrainin’s digital learning approach, seamless across devices, old and new ones, make this possible. Learning is a journey that never ends.

4. Training better managed

One of the key reasons why co-workers spent too little time on learning, is that they perceive a lack of time for it. Reducing this friction can be done by integrating all training, testing, workshop suppport, feedback and corporate compliance in one, easy-to-use system.
DuoTrainin is such a system, and for students and training managers alike, all dashboards and trainings can be accessed on any device at any time. Seamless.

5. Easy access for all co-workers

DuoTTrainin - easy access

Not all co-workers have the same access to the organisation’s facilities. Your use of the company’s space or IT facilities is dependent on your job role. However, we all carry a device in our pocket, regardless if we are on the factory floor, in an office or working from home: a smartphone.
DuoTrainin turns this smartphone into a powerful learning device. By providing digital micro-learning there is no need to ‘steal’ productive time away from work. DuoTrainin is simply there when you need it, to support and improve your performance.

6. Manage Learning & Development as a profit centre

Most Learning & Development is seen as a cost centre by senior management. Of the latest L&D business models only the last one – The Value Creator – adopts the profit centre approach. Training is considered complex and existing systems require serious prior commitment in terms of money.
Knowing the impact of learning starts with measuring it. DuoTrainin comes with an easy-to-use dashboard to measure your training, testing, feedback and corporate compliance effectively and efficiently.
In addition, DuoTrainin requires no investment at the start. You pay as you go, which allows you to manage your training expenditure in line with your business and cash-flow developments.

Try DuoTrainin now. For free.

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