DuoTrainin announces new training destinations

DuoTrainin, the advanced learning technology company, announced the introduction of several course suites and hundreds of courses today.

  • DuoTrainin is now your key destination for Talent Development, Workplace Essentials, Health & Safety / Quality Management, Languages and your own trainings / corporate compliance
  • Learn faster: the same training is different for everyone with built-in intelligence in each course
  • Forget slower: the spacing effect is integrated in the artificial intelligence driven algorithms
  • DuoTrainin’s prices are per course per user (starting at €5) and an optional Learning Management System (LMS) is included at no extra cost

advanced learning technology

New training destinations

The first new course suite is Talent Development, aimed at personal skills, managerial skills and leadership skills. Communication, negotiation, public speaking and presenting, effective listening, critical thinking, personal effectiveness, design thinking and creative Millennials in the workplace are a mere selection of the vast offer of courses available in this suite.

Workplace Essentials is the second new course suite by DuoTrainin. This suite aims at the functional subjects Sales, Marketing and Finance & Accounting, with courses such as Sales Foundations, Developing a marketing plan and Finance for non-financial managers. But it also includes Microsoft Office application trainings such as for Word and Excel (for 2016, 2019 and Office 365 versions).

Health & Safety / Quality Management is a third destination of DuoTrainin. This suite includes occupational Health & Safety trainings such as OHS Basic Safety (NL: VCA Basisveiligheid) and OHS for Operational Managers (NL: VCA VOL), quality trainings such as Six Sigma but also trainings for specific mandatory subjects such as GDPR.

DuoTrainin also offers Languages courses in a wide array of specific needs in English, German and Czech.

Finally, DuoTrainin aims at industry or company specific trainings. Our Learning Management System (LMS) supports learning, testing, workshop support, feedback and corporate compliance in one intuitive dashboard.

The effect of learning

Bastiaan Brouns, Managing Partner of DuoTrainin said: “The real effect of learning is behavioural change that leads to positive impact by a person on the results of an organisation. This starts with not forgetting what you have learned. We have built in the spacing effect in our artificial intelligence driven algorithms to make this happen. With this extensive range of quality courses people can now study almost any subject and not forget what they have learned. There is only one system that has built-in intelligence in each training, and that is DuoTrainin.”

Advanced learning technology

DuoTrainin’s advanced learning technology, DuoTesting, learns from you so that it can teach you better. The DuoTesting methodology is question- or quiz-based. A random selection of questions that have been answered correctly before will re-appear at spaced intervals, to check if you still know what you knew before. DuoTrainin creates and updates a strength/weaknesses profile of an individual after each question answered and delivers continuously tailored content on this basis.

A person’s experience, knowledge level and functional viewpoint will all become part of his individual training, instantly. We are all different and that is why the same training is different for everyone at DuoTrainin.

Also, a learner can come back to his course anytime, anywhere, on any device for any period of time. Learn faster and forget slower about Talent Development, Workplace Essentials, H&S/QM and languages while waiting for a tram or bus.

Check out all courses by DuoTrainin.

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