Self-sufficient school provides energy for neighbouring households

Skop, an architecture firm in Zurich, Switzerland, has completed a self-sufficient school in the Swiss village of Port.

Self-sufficient school

Using prefabricated timber construction methods, sustainably sourced wood has been used throughout the school’s design. From an environmental perspective, the building has an air-tight envelope with an energy-efficient ventilation system. Also, operable windows allow natural cross ventilation and night cooling, resulting in greater comfort.

Self-sufficient school

Impressively, 1,102 solar panels provide enough electricity to cover the energy consumption of the school. Not only does this turn the building into a self-sufficient school, it manages to provide enough energy for 50 additional households.

Self-sufficient school

The design references the pitched roofs of the neighbouring houses, the region’s rural history, and the undulations of the nearby Jura mountains.

Self-sufficient school

Placed on a gentle slope, the building takes advantage of the topography and links various outdoor spaces according to different access routes.

Self-sufficient school

The school’s ground floor is used for faculty administration, workshops, a kitchen, and back of house areas. The first floor comprises nine classrooms and three kindergarten units.

Self-sufficient school
Self-sufficient school


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