The spirit of engineering education in a building

American architect firm Ennead has completed a new building for the engineering programme at the University of Texas in Austin, USA. Two towers are linked by a central glass volume with diamond-patterned structural supports across its facade.

engineering education

Located on the university’s campus in central Austin, the Engineering Education and Research Center (EERC) houses part of the Cockrell School of Engineering, one of the top-ranking engineering schools in America.

engineering education

The school – which has 7,700 students and 280 faculty members – offers degrees in aeronautical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical and mechanical engineering, among other fields.

engineering education

Totalling close to 40,000 square metres (430,000 square feet), the new academic building is one of several within an engineering precinct on campus.

Designed around notions of “transparency and unification”, the building aims to provide a collaborative environment for students, faculty and researchers from different disciplines. The design is also meant to embody the spirit of engineering.

engineering education


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