Creative learning space with colourful façade

Masahiko Fujimori Architects have designed a creative learning space with colourful façade for the Morinoie Nursery School in Sendai, Japan. ‘We designed an “urban-style” nursery school building that can efficiently accommodate increased numbers of children, while also encouraging their curiosity, creativity, and connection with the local community,‘ the architects describe. Source   

New campus for Hangzhou Normal University in China

The Hangzhou Normal University’s campus planning consists of more than a dozen independent but fully open colleges, whose architectural style is different, forming a rich puzzle. WSP was challenged to design an administrative center, archives, an adult education center, the Institute of Hangzhou Urbanization, a central library, teacher and student activity centers, a hotel and reception […] Read more

The benefit of lifelong learning to businesses and individuals

The benefit of lifelong learning to businesses and individuals is the subject of a new report issued by AACSB International. The report focuses on the development of a culture of lifelong learning to drive organisational and individual success. The report, “To Empower Learning Over a Lifetime“, was developed in partnership with Human Capital Media Research and […] Read more

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