Shipping containers into schoolrooms: several examples

Even though shipping containers are commonly seen on the backs of trucks, they make perfect schoolrooms as well. You can find them for sale in Perth, New York, London, Cape Town, and just about any other major town or city throughout the world. Their durability makes them ideal for long-term building projects.

From North America to Africa and Europe, people are recycling and repurposing these shipping containers into schoolrooms to combat the lack of free space in schools, creating much-needed classrooms for their students. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best ones around so far.

Used shipping containers transformed into schoolroms

Vissershok School, South Africa

This school has modified a 40-foot shipping container to make a classroom that can accommodate 25 first graders. The school managed to build this classroom on a very limited budget, and they also had to add additional modifications to help cope with the heat. They modified the shipping container by adding a sunshade above the classroom,to allow air to circulate and help to keep the temperature down during the hotter times of the year.

Used shipping containers transformed into schoolroms

Waldorf School of Orange County, USA

One of the biggest school projects was the one undertaken by the Waldorf School in Orange County, California, which added an additional 10,000 square feet of classrooms by modifying 32 shipping containers. The additional space has been put to good use with toilets, a student lounge, offices and an auditorium being added to the school’s facilities.

Used shipping containers transformed into schoolroms

REALM Charter School in Berkeley, California

This California school had its students design new classrooms using 40-foot secondhand shipping containers, and called it Project H. The teachers leading Project H gave the students control to plan their classroom, source the materials, and also build the classroom themselves. This was deemed a tremendous success by the school and also gave the students practical experience in planning and construction. Students got to use angle grinders, blow torches, welders, and countless other tools (under strict supervision, of course).

Used shipping containers transformed into schoolroms

Used shipping containers transformed into schoolroms

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