New campus for Hangzhou Normal University in China

The Hangzhou Normal University’s campus planning consists of more than a dozen independent but fully open colleges, whose architectural style is different, forming a rich puzzle.

Hangzhou Normal University

WSP was challenged to design an administrative center, archives, an adult education center, the Institute of Hangzhou Urbanization, a central library, teacher and student activity centers, a hotel and reception center, an international conference center, a theatre and the central plaza.

Hangzhou Normal University

The huge site is divided into several smaller-scaled blocks, which are completely open to each other and closely connected to surrounding colleges.

Hangzhou Normal University

Each block is based upon one main function, considering the requirements of an independent managing body for operational management. The blocks are also linked with each other to meet the needs of convenient and flexible use.

Hangzhou Normal University
Hangzhou Normal University
Hangzhou Normal University
Hangzhou Normal University


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