Bath school building contrasts stone walls with brickwork

This school building in Bath, England, by local architects Mitchell Eley Gould features stone walls recalling the city’s historic architecture, alongside contrasting dark grey brickwork and window surrounds.

1 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop

The design by Mitchell Eley Gould was the winning entry in a competition for a humanities building at Kingswood School, to be built on the school’s picturesque Lansdown Road grounds.

2 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop
3 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop
4 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop
5 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop
6 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop
7 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop
8 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop
10 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop
11 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop
9 Kingswood-School-Bath-by-Mitchell-Taylor-Workshop


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