Stunning school by PFP Architekten in Genoa, Italy

The building for the Scuola di Piazza delle Erbe was designed by architect Jörg Friedrich of PFP Architekten for a plot left vacant after it was bombed during the Second World War.

1 School by PFP Arch in Genoa, Italy

Genoa’s city council, which is responsible for the regeneration of the Porta Soprana and San Donato neighbourhood, commissioned the five storey building to accommodate almost 500 pupils of primary and secondary school ages.

2 School by PFP Arch in Genoa, Italy

The site’s location at the intersection of two narrow streets determined the position of the two-storey volume at the base of the building, which is partly submerged in the sloping site.

4 School by PFP Arch in Genoa, Italy

“The school building is composed of two overlapping volumes: broken geometries, with a movement of the facades that also corresponds to a distribution choice and an optimisation of the classrooms’ exposure,” said the architects.

6 School by PFP Arch in Genoa, Italy

The change in levels means the building can be accessed both from the piazza at the bottom of the site and from a smaller terrace at first floor level.

7 School by PFP Arch in Genoa, Italy

Terraces on top of the building provide outdoor play areas with views of the city skyline.

Circulation areas inside the school feature white walls and marble-tiled floors that reflect natural daylight entering throughout the large windows.

8 School by PFP Arch in Genoa, Italy

Colourful surfaces add a fun element to the interior, while sections of the original damaged walls evoke the site’s historic past.

5 School by PFP Arch in Genoa, Italy


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