New York law school by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

The New Fordham Law School is located near New York City’s landmark Lincoln Center. Designed by the architecture office Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, the structure’s overall massing is a direct reflection of the programmatic layout with its three main elements: the one-story dining pavilion; the nine floor checkerboard-patterned educational facility housing classrooms, lecture halls, […] Read more

The number one human capital trend

The number one human capital trend is “redesigning our organisation to be more digital and responsive”. This is the outcome of Deloitte’s latest research. Agile is becoming mainstream We see an accelerating shift in organisational structure toward a “network of teams”. Some companies started thinking about “self-organising teams” three years ago. For example, Zappos talked […] Read more

Six tips for successful personalised learning

We regularly see online discussions about personalised learning, and what it exactly means. At DuoTrainin, we do not see much added value in discussing its meaning, because the nature of ‘personalised’ is that it means something else to each person. However, via one of these discussions we came across an interesting research study by international […] Read more

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