Our education system is broken

‘Our education system is broken’. These are not our words but words posted on the website of the World Economic Forum (WEF) by Stephane Kasriel, CEO of freelancing website Upwork and co-chair of the Council on the Future of Work, Gender and Education at the WEF.

21st century workforce

Education will break out of the silo

In his article ‘4 predictions for the future of work’ prediction number four is that education will break out of the silo. This matches with what we wrote earlier about the mismatch between education and working: ‘Studying and working should become much more integrated from the outset. It does not necessarily have to be the life-changing shock it is today, going from studying to working.’

Stephane says: ‘The idea that you study math and science and art in your youth as separate disciplines, and then work to solve real world problems in today’s economy, does not add up.’

He continues: ‘The way we educate future generations no longer prepares them adequately for the skills and jobs of today. Preparing students for tomorrow’s jobs requires breaking down the silos within education.’

Because of the cropping up of project-based schools, Stephane is optimistic about the future though. He believes that as a result, future education will become more flexible to suit the needs of a 21st century workforce. ‘We will rethink the way talent is developed and deployed and prepare students for a lifetime of learning better paced to the rapid evolution of skills.’

So what is our future education system?

At DuoTrainin we see one flaw in Stephane’s thinking. Apparently, he still sees education and working as separate silos. They don’t necessarily have to be, and they should become much more integrated. Provide students with tools for learning that they can continue to use while working.
During their studies, they can work but put the emphasis on their studies. During their working life, they can continue to learn while emphasizing their professional activities. Add this to breaking down the silos within education and education will provide a much larger contribution to continuous learning and improved talent development.

Adapted from WEF

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