DuoTrainin releases B-VCA course

A couple of weeks ago, DuoTrainin announced the introduction of a suite of courses aimed at Occupational Health & Safety. The first training we launched was Occupational Health & Safety in the Czech Republic: Bezpečnost a ochrana zdraví při práci (BOZP). (Literally: ‘Safety and health protection during work’).

B-VCA or VCA Basisveiligheid (Basic Safety)


Today, we announce the introduction of an Occupational Health & Safety course for The Netherlands: VCA Basisveiligheid (B-VCA, or Basic Safety). Currently, we have this training available in Dutch. We expect to launch the English version in a number of weeks.

VCA has been the standard for Occupational Health & Safety in The Netherlands for decades. Our course VCA Basisveiligheid is for all people who need to have knowledge of health, safety and the environment and who should be able to apply this knowledge in practice.

The course is fully aligned with the B-VCA content and its test criteria.

Our DuoTesting methodology makes sure you will learn quickly and that you will retain your knowledge. Our course also serves as a reference book. With this course you have everything you need to know and its practical application always at hand, on your mobile phone.

When you have completed this course, you will be able to take the B-VCA exam successfully. With the diploma in hand you can work safely while considering the health and well-being of yourself and others.


For an organisation, the price of this course B-VCA Basic Safety is between 35.00 and 52.50 euros per person per 12 months, dependent on your total number of DuoTrainin users across all courses.

You can try DuoTrainin for free for 28 days up to 100 persons.

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