Mismatch between education and working

A research by the Dutch retail industry concludes a mismatch between what educators offer and what the retail market demands. According to this research, institutional educators focus on the profile choice and execution of the training plan. Retail organisations, however, focus on the competences, knowledge and entrepreneurship. Vision on education and working According to Retail […] Read more

DuoTrainin introduces Occupational Health & Safety courses

At DuoTrainin we focus on organisations and making their training and training management easier, more fun and more effective. Our intelligent micro-learning system offers personalised learning when your people need it, on the device(s) of their choice. We have embarked upon creating a suite of trainings for organisations, focussing on Occupational Health & Safety. The […] Read more

You spend much more on training than you think

Any idea what the average training spend per co-worker per year is? It will be different per country, per sector, per organisation and per department, surely. Recent figures of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show that the average training spend in The Netherlands is 1,000 euro per co-worker per year. In the sector mineral extraction, the training spend […] Read more

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