Mismatch between education and working

A research by the Dutch retail industry concludes a mismatch between what educators offer and what the retail market demands.

According to this research, institutional educators focus on the profile choice and execution of the training plan. Retail organisations, however, focus on the competences, knowledge and entrepreneurship.


Vision on education and working

According to Retail Netherlands (Detailhandel Nederland), companies and the education sector together, should develop a long-term vision for the labour and education market. Its topics should be education routes, job and education profiles, sharing of knowledge and starting a research agenda. The ultimate aim would be to better engage talent in a labour market that is becoming more and more stretched.


Despite this mismatch issue, bachelor level retail education is popular. Since 2012, the number of students has grown by 12%. The number of students at medium level has been stable at more than ten thousand students during 2017.

Room for improvement

A common complaint is that bachelor-level education institutions are insufficiently aware of trends and developments. The main reason is that they do not cooperate enough with organisations and institutions that can provide such knowledge. Individual lecturers are unaware of what issues companies are facing and do not incorporate these in their teachings.

On the other hand, companies often focus too much on the short term. They show a lack of attention to longer term developments, such as e-commerce, sustainability and robotization.


How to solve this mismatch, really?

The outcome of this research and conclusions that have been drawn leave much room for interpretation. And yes, for improvement. Learning does not stop when you start working. Some would even say that is when it only really starts. At DuoTrainin, we feel that studying and working should become much more integrated from the outset. It does not necessarily have to be the life-changing shock it is today, going from studying to working.

Indeed, companies and education institutions must work together more. They need to start looking at the delivery method of their teachings, so they integrate better with what the working environment of today requires.
We are convinced that if you start here, the current mismatch between education and working will dissolve in the most natural way.

Adapted from source (Dutch)

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