The things you see in a high-impact learning organisation

The things you see in a high-impact learning organisation could be summarised in four E’s: The four E’s of learning at work. E-learning is not one of them because e-learning is old. Can you believe it started in the 90’s?

The four E’s of learning at work are Education, Experience, Environment and Exposure. These go hand in hand and tend to overlap. Because without an environment that supports education, you will never be exposed to learning. Since experience is more positive and valuable in an environment that fosters education. Also, your personal experience can be a source of education for others. And you need a mental and physical working environment that supports this.

high-impact learning organisation

How to be a high-impact learning organisation?

A soon to be published analysis of 100 different learning strategies, technologies and investments has shown the 12 key determining factors for a high-impact learning organisation:

  1. The organisation focuses on long-term career success of its workers
  2. It focuses on enabling workers to perform well in their current role
    Design thinking
  3. The organisation employs design thinking in development opportunities
  4. It offers high-value learning and development experiences
  5. The organisation rewards their employees for personal development
  6. The organisation gives stretch assignments as a part of personal development
  7. Co-workers can influence which tasks are assigned to them
  8. The organisation is clear on the decision-making processes / individual ability
  9. Risk-taking is rewarded in the organisation
  10. Mistakes are valued as learning opportunities
  11. The organisation utilises experiences for development
  12. The organisation gathers data on worker performance in several ways

A culture of learning

In a high-impact learning organisation, it is all about careers, on the job, experiential, reward systems, empowerment, learning from mistakes and performance data. A culture of learning is the key determining factor.

In a high-impact learning organisation, people must have time to learn at work. They must see value in their new skills and those of co-workers. It is an organisation that supports people taking time for discussion and reflection. In such a learning environment, managers must give people space and freedom to discuss mistakes, ask questions, and often experiment with new ideas. Management, culture, coaching and rewards have the greatest impact on the development of a business.

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