Why would you learn a new language?

Towards the end of this century, only several hundreds of the 6,000 languages that exist today, will still be spoken. On top of that, instant translation of live speech currently exists – Google introduced its Pixel Buds early October 2017 – and will get better. At the same time, English is becoming the world’s universal language. English today is the language of the internet, of finance, of air traffic control, of popular music and of diplomacy to name a few.

Instant translation of live speech

So why should you bother learning a foreign language if this foreign language is not English?

To truly get a culture and to become part of it, its language is your ticket to participate. If your language skill is limited, you will never truly see nor understand the people that express themselves in this language. The reverse is equally true, if you are unable to express yourself properly, it is very difficult to show yourself as you truly are. When communication is hampered any meaningful participation in a culture is difficult: a culture is conducted through language.

Secondly, if you speak two languages or more, dementia is less likely to set in. And even though we wouldn’t recommend it because of reasons of stress, you are probably a better multitasker if you speak more than one language. These factors set in early, so you’d better start with learning an additional language at an early age. Bilingualism is healthy.

Word order

The third reason is that languages are a lot of fun. Vowels dancing around consonants in Arabic, different word orders that tickle your brain, languages with many more vowels than the one I am currently writing in (Cambodian has 30 for example): languages are much more fun than you might think.

At the same time, it has never been easier to teach yourself a new language. You no longer have to go to a classroom – only at certain, set by someone else – times or play a record or tape to learn a new language. You can now teach yourself a language anytime, anywhere, on any device for any period of time.

Learn a new language with DuoTrainin

Language learning never stops. Safe living in the country whose language you are trying to master, to maintain and build on your language knowledge is a challenge often overlooked. DuoTrainin’s methodology ‘DuoTesting’, in combination with the way we deliver training, is aimed at accelerated learning and knowledge maintenance.

Try it yourself, it can be this easy to start learning a new language today.



This article is an adaptation of a TED video by Linguist and Columbia professor John McWhorter.

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