Get right on top of the 2018 learning trends (video)

Let’s start with what is the most obvious: if your learning is not at least partly digital, you will definitely be a laggard in 2018. Secondly, we should get rid of a misconception: ‘Digital learning’ is not the same as ‘learning on your mobile’. Digital is not a type of learning, it is a way of learning. Digital learning means you bring learning to where your co-workers are.

To know where we are going, it is good to realise where we come from. In Learning & Development, we have gone from traditional learning (including corporate universities) to e-learning, blended learning, talent-driven learning to continuous learning. This has happened in only one generation.

Evolution of Learning and Development

Key trend: a personalised learning experience

Things are speeding up. Currently, we live in a transformational era from Continuous Learning via Digital Learning to Intelligent Learning. The key to Intelligent Learning is a personalised learning experience. We consider this the key trend for 2018, expressed in various subtrends, such as:

Micro Learning will grow rapidly

Micro learning takes maximum ten minutes at one time. We do it when we quickly read, view, or consume a text, image or video. Twitter and YouTube are good examples of typical micro-learning channels. The challenge is to provide short, relevant, contextualised and personalised content, primarily to mobile devices.

Why is it so important? Because the way we work has radically changed. We spend a considerable amount of time looking for information on our devices in between an onslaught of messages, emails and distractions.

DuoTrainin intelligent micro-learning system

Mobile is the king of digital learning

Learning has to blend in with a person’s routine and not the other way around. A seamless learning experience across devices, easy to access and to use, blending with the way people use these devices, is key.

Gamification and social learning

Gamification and introducing social aspects to learning will be part of a successful L&D strategy. Content is key but the delivery of this content should happen in a personalised, simple, engaging and compelling manner. Because this is what will make it fun to study and learn.

Studying with friends and being able to poke or challenge them will add to the attractiveness of your people’s learning experience. Only then they will want to come back for more, time and time again.


This follows the general trend that we tend to read less and watch video more. In addition, a video needs to be short and catchy; a maximum of two minutes is recommended in view of the micro learning trend. However, when it comes to learning, people might watch a video for longer as long as it is compelling and engaging and matches their personal interests at that moment.

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Adaptive Learning based on a clever algorithm / Artificial Intelligence will give the user the feeling he has a private tutor available 24/7. It is a learning dance between system and user: the system learns from the user and the system teaches the user.

Virtual and Augmented Reality will add another layer to the user experience. Imagine location and time dependent learning content for the user to consume. Together with adaptive learning we can imagine systems that will be able to predict what you would need to learn next.

Pay for use pricing models

The business model of learning is changing. In the old days organisations invested significant capital in multi-year contracts to purchase an LMS, content libraries and service contracts. As a result, it often took years to build up the business case for such investments, giving the HR and L&D departments a bad name internally.
The days of spending millions on learning platforms is coming to an end. Pay-for-use is the trend for many other business tools, even for office furniture, so why not for learning?

gamification of learning

How about 2018?

It does not matter where you are with your Learning Strategy; it is easy to get right on trend. DuoTrainin has been designed to provide a personalised micro-learning experience (see our DuoTesting methodology) on any device. DuoTrainin combines the benefits of an intelligent micro-learning platform with content libraries of unlimited potential and an LMS. On top of that, DuoTrainin uses a pay-for-use model that is highly adaptable to your needs.
As a result, you will only spend money on the personalised learning your people really need when they need it and that they will enjoy.

You can now connect to where you should be in your Learning & Development strategy with just one click.

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