DuoTrainin introduces ultimate adaptability with pay-for-use pricing

Learning in a corporate environment used to mean a significant capital investment. Because to purchase an LMS (Learning Management System), with continuous access to a content library on the basis of a multi-year service contract meant a one-time giant cash-outflow with limited flexibility beyond. Also, HR and L&D departments had to take considerable time to build their business cases in justification. As a result, it often was ‘too little, too late’, leading to an internal bad reputation of said departments with both top management and users alike.

DuoTrainin's new pricing system

Today, learning should be a more personalised user experience. Because of this, learning providers should lead the way and reflect this adaptability in their pricing models. At DuoTrainin, we take pride in the fact that our cost was never more than the price of a good cup of coffee per co-worker per month.
It will stay that way.

Today, we make two main changes to our pricing policy:

  1. You will only pay for the part of DuoTrainin that you are actually using;
  2. You pay as you go, per co-worker.

We have made our pricing credit-based and introduce a Base and an Enterprise package for organisations.

The introduction of credits

Your total number of users determines the price of your credits per user:

DuoTrainin pay-for-use pricing

Now you can decide to just pay as you go for individual courses, one credit at a time. However, in the Enterprise package, a user will get full access to the DuoTrainin system for the total of 10 credits per user. This means that you will have full access to our intelligent micro-learning platform and our continuously updated content library, supported by our LMS with full functionality. DuoTrainin approved additional courses by external authors may be charged at additional credits.

DuoTrainin Coach Configurator

Your pricing will be entirely transparent. Because of the DuoTrainin Coach Configurator you will be able to configure your entire training needs for budget purposes. The DuoTrainin Coach Configurator will allow you to build individual co-worker training plans. By simply dragging and dropping training blocks, you will arrive at an individual’s annual training plan and cost budget. The aggregation per team, department, site, branch office, country and worldwide gives you immediate insight in your training budget requirements for your next financial year. You can make tweaks on-the-go to make it match the budget expectations, in line with performance and productivity requirements.

This does not lead to cash outflow immediately. Not all training will happen in January, right? You just purchase credits when you need them and not earlier. As a result, you can manage your training throughout the year in line with your business outlook and cash expectations.

We expect to launch the DuoTrainin Coach Configurator in the first quarter of 2018. Until that time, please contact us directly for your tailor-made quotation at support@duotrainin.com.

Learning packages

In our Base package you will have access to our intelligent micro-learning platform, content library and LMS functionality to support your training needs. For a full feature overview of both packages, please see the table below:

DuoTrainin pay-for-use pricing

For more information about DuoTrainin pricing options, please visit our website.

Now you can provide your co-workers with their personalised learning experience for the price of a good cup of coffee. You can have them learn anytime, anywhere, on any device. You are supported in the background by our LMS and manage your cash outflow accordingly: so why not try DuoTrainin?

DuoTrainin pay-for-use pricing

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