What do music, exercising, sleeping and learning have in common?

Let’s not make this a cliff hanger: music, exercising, sleeping and learning are all great stress relievers.

According to neuroscientist Erik Scherder and organisational psychologist Kilian Wawoe, stress is caused by the difference between what you want, and what you are able to do. If you are confronted in your life with many demands you are unable to fulfil, this will lead to stress.

Erik Scherder has a typical neuroscientific explanation of this phenomenon involving the Hypothalamus, cortisol, the Hippocampus, your frontal lobe and Amygdala and how they all act and react to cause and battle stress.
In essence, stress will cause feelings of tiredness and causes negative emotions.

Stress starts in your brain: some brain part will invoke stress and another part of your brain will try to lay it to rest. So which part lays stress to rest and how can it be invoked?

Stress relief?

Going on holiday and lying in a hammock on a sunny beach with a cocktail in your hand doing nothing, is not the answer. You will probably feel rested, but upon your return, you will re-enter the same stressful situation and circumstances. The effect of the holiday is short-lived and before the week is out, you feel as tired and negative as before your holiday. Does this sound familiar?

We all need to learn how to deal with stress, while we are experiencing stress

According to Scherder, we need to do the things that make our frontal lobe and Hippocampus happy. Listen to music, exercise and sleep are great stress busters because this is what they do. Stopping with multi-tasking is an extra bonus because it is exactly multitasking that puts pressure on your frontal lobe and Hippocampus.

At DuoTrainin we especially like the stressbuster Learning. It is common knowledge among psychologists that doing nothing does not help against stress or when people experience a burn-out. Learning and adopting new skills has a significant destressing effect on your brain. In combination with listening to music it is even better as music helps the brain with processing new impressions.

DuoTrainin; stress-free zone

Nobody will say they are too busy to learn but how to add learning to your already overcrowded daily schedule?

At DuoTrainin we believe that learning should fit your routine, instead of having to change your routine to make learning fit in. That is why our patented DuoTesting methodology with seamless access across devices can be a powerful tool to combat stress.

Learn on the go, anytime, anywhere for any period of time with DuoTrainin. You can even listen to music while you are it.

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