Swedish Future Learning Environments

Stockholm County Council and Karolinska Institutet (KI) have since 2009 been running a project called Future Learning Environments.

The project is grounded on research on learning and higher education. The question raised was how does space impact on learning?

1 Future-Learning-Environments-by-Tengbom-Solna-Sweden

Our Interior Design studio was given the opportunity to further develop its proposal ‚Home away from home‘ for the informal zones at the Karolinska Institutet.

2 Future-Learning-Environments-by-Tengbom-Solna-Sweden-02

These facilities are located primarily next to the lecture halls and were initially leftover and unused areas.

3 Future-Learning-Environments-by-Tengbom-Solna-Sweden-03

This has become a social arena where you hang out and socialize, a common meeting place and a central information point. It’s a place where you can exchange thoughts and ideas and where peer learning is facilitated.

4 Future-Learning-Environments-by-Tengbom-Solna-Sweden-03

As a part of the concept of the ‚Home away from home‘, little cottages, a garden, a dining table, a living room and ‚rooms of one’s own‘ have been designed.

5 Future-Learning-Environments-by-Tengbom-Solna-Sweden-03

The spaces include open squares, room-in-rooms and reading areas for focused study. The environment is dense and welcoming; this creates a positive and productive congestion.

6 Future-Learning-Environments-by-Tengbom-Solna-Sweden-03

Tengbom were commissioned to develop and interpret KI’s design manual on the Formal Learning Environments.

9 lecture halls were chosen at KI to be renovated and serve as pilot projects.

7 Future-Learning-Environments-by-Tengbom-Solna-Sweden-03

A number of principles were formulated to work as tools in a toolbox. Overall, the new interior design for KI at Solna and Huddinge strengthen Karolinska Institutet’s brand as a place accessible to all.

8 Future-Learning-Environments-by-Tengbom-Solna-Sweden-03
9 Future-Learning-Environments-by-Tengbom-Solna-Sweden-03


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