A new beginning: DuoTrainin

a new beginning for soyouknowbetter

We started this blog five years ago with the aim to attract attention to, and generate interest in our web platforms to facilitate bids for professional furniture. ‚so you know better‘ was our slogan from the start as we felt that people should know better – we provided them with a tool to know better.
Unintentionally, we became the leading source of information and news on the European contract furniture industry within a year.

In 2014, we changed the direction of this blog to become a source of inspiration for people with a focus on green interior products, adaptive re-use of buildings and working environments that are cool to work in. Staying true to our main objective of knowing better, design, architecture and education became our main areas of interest.

During these years, our belief in the power of education has strengthened even further and that is why we have decided to focus even more on education from now on. A new beginning: this blog will undergo reconstruction for a while in the pursuit of that goal.

In the meantime, please check DuoTrainin.com.

DuoTrainin is a learning (management) system that blends face-to-face training with online learning, using the patented DuoTesting methodology, focusing on what you don’t know and retain that newly acquired  knowledge. Learn faster, forget slower (or rather, not at all).

Thank you for your attention over the years. Please make sure to check back regularly as there will always be something of interest to find here.

so you know better | DuoTrainin.com

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