Furniture: smart TableAir

TableAir is a smart, connected standing desk with a unique lifting process for demanding individuals who care about their health as much as productivity.

Furniture: smart TableAir

With the help of a user-friendly smartphone app, the workstation can be scheduled to shift to lower or higher positions according to selected time settings. While working, TableAir lets you know when posture change is advised.

Special construction lets you lift up to 100kg, and a unique electric motor technology makes the process not only smooth, but also very silent.

Furniture: smart TableAir

What’s extra exciting is TableAir’s smart button – simply hold out your hand and the table does all the work, rising to meet your hand. Integrated LED ambient lighting can become the focal point of any interior, simply use app to pick out your favorite colors.

Furniture: smart TableAir



Subbarao Seethamsetty

Can this table be used for a six year old as study table and rise as he grows up to be a tall teenager. In the meantime he can use it as a standing desk as well??

Bastiaan Brouns


Please contact the makers directly, thank you.

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