Sustainable architecture: caravan turned into micro office

Do you ever catch yourself staring out the office window, wishing you could work in a lush, outdoor location and still be productive? Then the folks at Kantoor Karavaan have answered your prayers with their mobile micro-offices. Located at a campsite outside of Amsterdam, these micro offices help busy bees quit their buzzing hive for […] Read more

Sustainable architecture: office space made from 7 shipping containers

Tel Aviv studio Potash Architects repurposed seven shipping containers and transformed them into a modern office located near Israel’s capital. The stacked red boxes accommodate office spaces, event areas and tech rooms, with one of the containers positioned at a 30-degree angle, housing a scissor stair. The building is located at the Port of Ashdod […] Read more

Sustainable products: 100% recyclable and biodegradable nanocellulose fiberboard

Nanocellulose fiberboard is a material developed by multi-disciplinary designer Yunting Lin that’s 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The sustainable product is designed to replace MDF and molded plastic objects. It’s non-toxicity is thanks to a composition of plant fibers (like flax), and naturally fermented nanocellulose. Both are already produced on an industrial scale in Europe and […] Read more

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