Furniture: desk, couch and lounge in one

Three functions in one compact piece of furniture turn even the smallest room into a comfortable home office with ‘One Series’ by designer David Adjaye. Created for Italian furniture company Sawaya & Moroni, this multifunctional all-in-one piece brings a desk, couch and lounge chair together into an island that packs a lot of punch for the amount of floor space it requires.

Furniture: desk, couch and lounge in one

The designer refers to it as a ‘habitable cell’ or ‘machine for living,’ a combination of functions that’s innovative yet simple. There’s no pulling or folding required to use any of the three purposes built into the piece. The aim is to encourage “new modes of interaction,” says Adjaye. One person could use the set to work, nap, hold a meeting, watch television or brainstorm.

Furniture: desk, couch and lounge in one

The piece could even be adapted for use in a studio apartment, with the desk doing double duty as a dining surface. The aluminum honeycomb structure that separates the lounge, desk and chair acts as a low-profile room divider as well, separating the various programs required when living or working in a single small room.

Furniture: desk, couch and lounge in one


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