Furniture: logo turned into a chair

Repsol approached Yonoh and asked the studio to design “an iconic product” that would bring the energy company’s brand identity to life. The result is a moulded fibre-glass swivel chair with sections upholstered in leather, named Embrace.

Furniture: logo turned into a chair

“We decided to make a kind of armchair using the two ‘arms’ of the logo,” said the designers.

Furniture: logo turned into a chair

The Madrid-based company’s circular logo is divided into three sections. The top orange section extends out to one side, the middle white section extends out to the other, and the lower red section remains within the confines of the circular form.

Furniture: logo turned into a chair

Yonoh turned the two-dimensional graphic into a three-dimensional shape, using the coloured sections to form the curved parts of the chair. The design features a red semi-sphere seat, a white section above that extends to one side as a low armrest, and an upper orange portion on top that curves around to the other side as a backrest.

Furniture: logo turned into a chair

“It has generous proportions to give the required presence, always keeping ergonomics,” said the design team. “Embrace has been conceived as an armchair that embraces and contains inspiration and intelligence, a tribute to the researchers, inventors and creators of the future,” the team added. “A seat where you can stop and think.”

Furniture: logo turned into a chair

The chair was developed in collaboration with branding agency Interbrand and will be installed in Repsol’s new Madrid headquarters.


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