Enjoy waiting for your flight

Boarding lounges are probably the least exciting places in the airports. Normally built for pure function, airport gate design is often overlooked.

When presented with the opportunity to design the inside of the departures terminal of the Henri Coanda International Airport in Romania, Robert Marin and Ionel Pascu of NUCA Studio jumped at the chance to create a positive and exciting space to surprise consumers during the emotional pre-travel state.

Enjoy waiting for your flight

The designers started off by creating more of a comfort zone than just a lounge. The furniture was meant to be ergonomic and suited for work with laptops or tablets, while also comfortable enough to be relaxing. The spatial arrangement and materials of the furniture absorb sound, reducing the terminal noise and shielding those sitting in the lounge.

Enjoy waiting for your flight

The furnishings stray away from solid colors – instead, the designers chose bright, primary colors for the floor to add a sense of playfulness. Bold color blocking, accentuated by strong geometric lines, infuses the users with cheer and provides a positive influence as they get ready to depart for a new adventure.

Enjoy waiting for your flight
Enjoy waiting for your flight


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