Nap at work? Yes.

In many countries, there is a cultural stigma revolving around the notion of ‘napping on the job’, but with longer working hours and the quest for employee productivity, catching a few Zzzzzs in the workplace (and in general) has been scientifically proven to demonstrate benefits.

Calmspace by Haworth

Working together with the Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering) in Stuttgart, and the European Sleep Centre in Paris, leading office furniture manufacturer HAWORTH aims to combat the negative perception of sleeping at work by using their findings and scientific research to highlight the renewing power of short naps.

Calmspace by Haworth

HAWORTH has developed the ‘Calmspace’ as a result, a self-contained capsule that allows employees privacy to engage in a ‘power siesta’ if you will, to recharge and then carry on with their working day with increased energy.

3 haworth-calmspace

The solution underscores the benefits of short, regenerative sleep for sleep-deprived workers, particularly in today’s demanding corporate workplaces; as studies have proven that 10 to 20 minute naps can do wonders in reducing stress and raise brainpower and productivity.

Calmspace by Haworth

Each ‘Calmspace’ unit comes with a single mattress and is outfitted with a system of pre-set lighting and soundtrack cycles that assist individuals to doze off into a tranquil resting state until they are roused from slumber. The color red is applied to help one fall asleep; while blue is employed to wake them up. Additionally, the ‘Calmspace’ comes with three different rest sessions: 10-, 15- and 20-minutes.

Calmspace by Haworth

The pod concept has been realized in collaboration with French designer Marie-Virginie Berbet, and developed with Zyken, a firm that specializes in creating environments which utilize light to influence sleep cycles.


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