New sustainable fabrics by Steelcase

New sustainable fabrics by Steelcase

New sustainable fabrics by Steelcase – American manufacturer of professional furniture, Steelcase, announced the launch of Redeem and Retrieve, two new seating upholstery fabrics that are the result of a unique and innovative recycling process established in collaboration with Designtex, Victor Group, and Unifi.

The upholstery fabrics are created from recycled content and also designed and manufactured for future recycling.

In an effort to drive sustainable innovation, the four companies collaborated to establish a program that is first of its kind in the office furniture industry.

The development process for the upholstery involves taking Victor Group fabric used in Steelcase’s manufacturing facility for panel production, collecting and segregating the waste, then sending to Unifi’s REPREVE Recycling Center in North Carolina.
There it is recycled back into REPREVE yarn. This yarn is then sent back to Victor Group to be woven into new textiles for both Steelcase and Designtex.

“At Steelcase, we’re committed to sustainability and pushing ourselves to challenge the limits of the manufacturing process,” said Julie Daley, Director of surface materials for Steelcase.

“Overcoming the obstacles for reclaiming and recycling commercial textiles helped us find a solution that enables us to use waste as a raw material for new generations of textiles. Together with our partners, Redeem and Retrieve allow Steelcase to offer our customers beautiful, quality textiles with sustainability in mind.”

This concept was first introduced in the upholstery fabric titled Loop to Loop, debuted by Designtex in 2013. Designtex recently introduced a second upholstery fabric utilizing the same process called Hyphen.

“This innovative recycling program represents collaboration at its best, with a high level of commitment and participation at each level of the supply chain. We are very pleased to be a part of this unique collaboration of industry partners,” said Alain Duval, President of Victor Group.

“We applaud Steelcase for making the commitment to implement an internal process for segregating and collecting waste that can be used as a raw material for recycling textiles.”


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