Furniture: Haworth presents Openest furniture by Patricia Urquiola

We informed you about starting longterm cooperation between Haworth and Patricia Urquiola last year. The post you can see here. Haworth presented an update on the collection with has been further refined and presented on NeoCon 2014.

“The goal of this project was to design a very modular office system using a limited number of parts and moulds, and to combine them with furniture to create different working configurations and effects. Furthermore, owning to the convertible feature of the armchair and lounge chair – from chair to pouf – I was able to meet today’s increasing need for space and multi-functional objects withing the office environment.” says Patricia Urquiola

1 HAWORTH-patricia-urquiola
2 HAWORTH-patricia-urquiola
4 HAWORTH-patricia-urquiola
5 HAWORTH-patricia-urquiola
7 HAWORTH-patricia-urquiola
8 HAWORTH-patricia-urquiola

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