Staples to sell Steelcase products in the U.S.

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American manufacturer of professional furniture Steelcase and American office products wholesaler Staples announced a partnership to make more happen for Staples small business customers by offering high-performance workplace furnishings from Steelcase on and in select Staples stores in the United States.

Starting in the second half of 2014, Staples will offer an array of Steelcase seating and table solutions.

“Through our new partnership, we’re giving small business customers access to the expertise, craftsmanship, design and innovation of Steelcase,” said Mike Edwards, executive vice president of merchandising, Staples.

“We are thrilled to partner with Steelcase and help bring our small business customers solutions that can make more happen for both their employees and their business.”

Staples customers will be able to design their workspace with the high-performance, ergonomic quality of Steelcase seating solutions including global bestsellers like Leap®, Think®, cobi®, QiVi®, Amia® and Buoy® chairs and more. Leap, Think, cobi, QiVi, and Amia have all been globally recognized for their insight-led design and quality.

“At Steelcase, we know that the places where people work matter. Small businesses realize by engaging talent they can build a strong brand and culture — and the workplace can play a significant role in that,” said Allan Smith, vice president, global marketing for Steelcase.

“This partnership with Staples will give small businesses increased access to award-winning, high performance, seating portfolio through Steelcase. Our desire is to help people everywhere have great experiences at work.”


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