EFG introduces five new products

Swedish European Furniture Group, or EFG, introduced five new products.

EFG Collaborate is a table inspired by a development for a customer project and was designed to function both as a meeting table and a project table, as collaborative project work is an increasing activity in offices.


EFG Free is a free standing foldable screen for tables that transforms a meeting table to focus workplaces for many or divides the work surface into zones.

EFG Free_620x300

EFG Tab is a desk screen, with which you can play around using fabrics in single or dual colours and contrasting stitching.

EFG Tab_620x300

EFG Nova is a new EFG chair with clean and timeless design suitable for most environments.


EFG Chat is a new family of tables for informal meetings in common areas such as cafeterias, canteens, meeting rooms, the lobby or lounge.

EFG Chat_620x300



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