America’s best architecture schools 2014 – but not enough students

In association with DesignIntelligence, Architecture Record presents this year’s rankings compiled by Greenway Group, along with related findings of interest.

US Architecture school ranking 2013

For the 2014 top-schools rankings, Greenway gathered data from 693 professional practices and corporations, an almost 250 percent increase from the number of firms (282) responding to the 2013 survey.
To supplement its information, Greenway also asked 89 deans and chairs of architecture schools what they consider to be the significant issues facing architectural educators today and polled 2,760 students about their satisfaction with their architectural education.

While the U.S. economy is still sluggish, the employment rate for these architecture graduates is higher now than in 2009, when unemployment was 13.9 percent for recent college graduates in architecture, and 9.2 percent for those over age 30, according to the Georgetown Centre on Education and the Workforce.

Currently unemployment is about 5 percent, according to the Department of Labour, although Greenway estimates that the number is sometimes closer to 0, depending on the region.

Enrolment in architecture schools is at a plateau: the National Architectural Accrediting Board reports that 15,187 students were enrolled in 2012 in 57 B.Arch. programs and 11,277 students were in the 95 M.Arch. programs. The numbers of students overall decreased by 2.3 percent from the previous academic year.

As Cramer notes, schools need to be concerned about supplying enough well-trained architects to meet the demand.


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