Has growth become the norm in U.S. architecture?

With a U.S. national billings score (published by the American Institute of Architects, AIA) of 53.8, up from July’s 52.7, it shows that architecture billings continue to grow at a steady rate, as they have for nearly three years now.

ABI Aug2013

National billings have now grown for more than a year, except for one slip in April 2013 to 48.6. Three of the industry’s four sectors have shown growth for at least the past year (the only one of those that hasn’t, the Commercial/Industrial sector, has shown growth for the past 11 months).

ABI sectors Aug2013

At SourceYour | SoYouKnowBetter we cannot help but notice the lack of comment on the sudden and sharp decline in the Inquiries index. Wouldn’t this lead to a decline in billings later on?

Secondly, the main growth seems to be in Mixed Practice buildings, making up for the lack of solid growth in the other sectors.


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