The next big thing in furniture design and manufacturing?

The focus in distributed furniture production seems to be on 3D-printing, but what if there would be a close-to-home production source available already?

3 Atfab designs

Architects Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher of AtFab have set out to create downloadable designed furniture which can be produced close to home, making use of distributed CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery capacity.

0 Atfab approach

Anne Filson comments: “We set out to design furniture that would maximize CNC ‘machine intelligence’ and require nothing more than basic hardware and a simple, intuitive assembly process. Essentially, objects that anyone can download and make anywhere, anytime, out of anything.

2 Atfab products

Networked, digital manufacturing fits perfectly with our aspiration to produce precisely made things, support local economies, and use less energy in the process.

1 Atfab Kickstarter

We’re on Kickstarter to build a distributed network of remote CNC fabrication shops and make our first manufacturing run of 3 AtFAB Furniture designs: a Side Chair, Coffee Table and Pair of Stools.

This run will be a greener, local way of producing large goods, and will strengthen what we see as a new entrepreneurial platform for designers like ourselves to address unarticulated needs, and connect directly with the people for whom they design.”


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