Finally a different way of presenting an office chair (video)


Directed by Nickolas Duarte, below is a branded content piece showcasing design of an office chair in a unique way.

Duarte wrote the live-action spot with co-writer Drew Grubich to highlight the product’s design through the use of story.

The commissioned work (by American professional furniture maker Allsteel) follows the chair’s journey from a small town to the big city in hopes of saving its ailing mother, all the while featuring the brand’s core elements and product’s design, durability, and comfort.

You probably either love it or hate it. We love it because it stands out from the traditional way in which office furniture is introduced (which makes it impossible to tell one chair from the next).

‘Hercules. Beowulf. King Arthur. Clarity. Great heroes aren’t born, they are made. Made from courage, determination, mesh and steal, and little pieces of plastic.
To save his family, he’ll have to journey to become the man he never was. A man who is a chair. A really good chair. A chair, named Clarity.’

Source: A Chair Named Clarity from Nickolas Duarte on Vimeo.


Nickolas Duarte

Thanks for the kind words! This was such a fun project to do.

Bastiaan Brouns

You are more than welcome Nickolas. We love what you did and our compliments go out to Allsteel as well for their innovative approach.

Have a good weekend,



This is awesome! How have I not seen it? I work for an Allsteel dealer!

Bastiaan Brouns

You’ve seen it now – please spread the word!

Thanks Lisa

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