Haworth releases eighth Sustainability Report

Haworth sustainability report

American producer of professional furniture, Haworth, has issued its 2012 Sustainability Report, its eighth in succession.

Haworth introduces the report: “When it comes to leaving the world a little cleaner, healthier and more plentiful than how we find it, Haworth believes that we need to manage all our assets with a view toward the future.

The result of this thinking is a business model that emphasises people as much as environmental performance – otherwise known as the triple bottom line.”

“Our commitment to sustainability shines through in four distinct areas — accountability, knowledge, people and products,” added Steve Kooy, Haworth global sustainability manager.

Throughout 2012, Haworth continued its global zero-waste-to-landfill journey. In May, the company announced that its Portugal manufacturing sites in Queluz and Áqueda achieved zero-waste-to-landfill.
Portugal’s achievement completed Haworth Europe’s zero-waste-to-landfill initiative and made all three global Haworth sectors (North America and Asia Pacific, 2009; Europe, 2012) waste-to-landfill free.

“From the design to the manufacture process, our members help Haworth reduce its impact on the environment,” said Kooy. “Since 2005, we have reduced our global greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent and our VOC air emission rates by 81 percent.”

Haworth’s 2012 Sustainability Report can be downloaded here (pdf)
For the iPad version click here


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