Conversions: Warehouse into stunning offices

The new Cuningham Group architect’s office is being designed to reinforce the firm’s emphasis on sustainability, collaboration, and creativity. The new office, which is targeted for LEED Gold certification, features a host of sustainable elements. The office building itself is being converted from an existing warehouse, and is located near a bike path and an […] Read more

Offices as a marketplace for ideas

German advertising agency fischerAppelt did not want to create just an office but a space that functioned as a marketplace, in which the trading of ideas, communications and design will take place. Located in Hamburg, Germany, their office space combines style, professionalism, and creativity. To create this marketplace-like atmosphere, the space is not fashioned towards maximum use […] Read more

Office with room for a live band

The new offices for Synthetic – home of Incredibooth, Swankolab, and Apple’s 2011 iPhone App of the Year Hipstamatic – required a smart re-imagining of productivity. envelope A+D’s design facilitates the high-low processes of a contemporary tech company: room for a live band, a full-scale dinner party, an overnight guest, private meetings, open meetings, secluded […] Read more

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