Solar-powered pavilion made from recycled plastic bottles

Remember the ‚A Liter of Light’s‘ plastic bottle light? Their goal was to illuminate one million homes with simple plastic bottles converted into affordable light bulbs.

That same group has partnered for a second time with Stephen Lamb from South Africa to produce the Solar Revolution Pavilion. Unveiled in time for Earth Day in Manila, the solar-powered pavilion was constructed out of 1,600 vegetable crates made from recycled plastic bottles.

1 Solar Green Revolution Pavilion

Stephen Lamb from Touching the Earth Lightly and Ilac Diaz from My Shelter Foundation teamed up for the first time at last year’s Shanghai Biennale. They share a vision to provide environmentally-friendly energy, food, and housing solutions that just about anyone can afford.

2 Solar Green Revolution Pavilion

“This is a living example of how you can take food, shelter, water and energy using existing resources that people often disregard as wasteful and actually turn them into something that is useful, and beneficial and can create a quality of life,” David de Rothschild of Plastiki fame said.

3 Solar Green Revolution Pavilion

In addition to showcasing food growing solutions that require no soil and other low tech innovations, the solar-powered pavilion also acts as a launching pad for Liter of Light’s latest nighttime light bulb made with LED lights.

4 Solar Green Revolution Pavilion

So far they have distributed them to 150 locations throughout the Philippines.

5 Solar Green Revolution Pavilion


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