Offices around the world: Club Workspace in London, UK

Club Workspace, the fast-growing network of creative co-working clubs, has recently opened two new sites in London.

9 Club Workspace

Designed by the award winning architecture and design practice TILT, there are now five of these exclusive locations across London, creating a growing community of start-up entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals.

10 Club Workspace

In these new Clubs TILT has exclusively designed both the spaces and the furniture within them, creating elegant co-working hubs that combine fixed and touchdown workspaces to appeal to freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs and nomadic workers.

11 Club Workspace

The aim of these venues is to allow for high density collaborative working by providing people with a beautiful mix of spaces, allowing workers to move through the space and pinpoint the appropriate area suited to a specific work method.

8 Club Workspace

One of the key components of the project was to use intelligent design to recover and transform underused parts of the buildings. This required bespoke lighting solutions by TILT and clever reuse of different entrances to the various spaces.

1 Club Workspace

TILT has used a palette of bold and inventive finishes and materials, including stripped back brickwork, colour to enhance pipework, and exposed woods and metals, all to enhance the glory of these Victorian industrial units and create the work environment of the future.

2 Club Workspace
3 Club Workspace
4 Club Workspace
5 Club Workspace
6 Club Workspace
7 Club Workspace




Do you know our series ‘Offices around the world’? Today’s featured offices are those of Club Workspace in London…

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